DraftArtifact.com 128 Player - Draft Tournament

Single Elimination (BO1) - Top 4 Redraft (BO3)
Draft Starts As Soon As Tournament is Full
First Round Starts 60 Minutes After Countdown
Prize - 40$ USD (PayPal)

Registration Starts in


How do I join the tournament?

Upon expiration of the timer on the home page, a tournament link will appear. Click it to register for the tournament.

When/How will I receive my prize money?

A member of our team will be in contact immediately upon completion of the tournament. Prizes will be distributed via PayPal.

What tournament format is used?

We are currently exploring different tournament formats. The main page will show the next upcoming tournament and it's format.

Is there an entry fee?

We are exploring the possibility of having pay-to-enter tournaments, with a majority of the entry-fee going to the prize pool. Stay Tuned for more on this.