What is DraftArtifact.com?

DraftArtifact.com was started by a small group of friends who really enjoy the game. We have very little experience casting tournaments, but thought it would be a great opportunity to grow our own skills, while also giving the community a place to compete and have fun!. As we continue to grow, we will look to add more frequent tournaments with larger prize pools.



Co-Founder - Caster

I'm a lover of all things gaming. I've played a ton of MTG and Hearthstone. Artifact has been a breath of fresh air in the genre and I look forward to seeing the future direction of this game.



Co-Founder - Caster

The bearded-master of all card games. BigPapa is a frequent streamer and experienced player within the genre. BigPapa has recently made the switch from Hearthstone to Artifact and is "losing sleep" over how good it is!



Co-Founder - Moderator

He's a Ginger... what more needs to be said..



Admin - Moderator

This guy can do just about anything... except grow facial hair. An expert moderator of the chat rooms, and resident shit-stirrer. If you haven't caught flack from the Mav yet, it won't be long.